Child Care for Lakewood and Long Beach Areas Professional Child Care Home Online security for child privacy Protect faces online Secure Whitcomb Family Daycare is on the corner of 45th & Walnut Children’s faces are obscured for security and privacy Thoroughly clean, daily vacuumed, ready for your child It’s quite convenient to western Lakewood, California Why is the Whitcomb Child Care recommended for parents  who live in Lakewood? It's just a few blocks west of the  western boundary of Lakewood, just south of San Antonio,  near Cherry Park (Long Beach). Decades of child care  experience in this Long Beach home have helped Gladys and  Jonathan fine-tune it especially for children. Come visit.   It’s normal to find two or three licensed professional child care  providers present in this daycare home, at any given moment  of the day. This is a league above typical babysitting and gives  each child to enjoy the fellowship and friendship of other kids,  but in a reasonable home environment, not a wild frightening  facility overflowing with youngsters.   Call Gladys: 562-427-6027. “You’ll be glad you called Gladys.”   California home child care license: 191604310  In 2012, prior to the summer heat, Gladys had major improvements made to the backyard: a new vinyl fence for safety and security, soft pads under the cool shade of the gazebo, and many hours cleaning up after the winter rains. This backyard is ready for kids. Phone Gladys: 562 427-6027 Copyright 2009-2012 Jonathan Whitcomb A secure fence keeps children safe in the backyard A shady safe area in the backyard in Long Beach (Whitcomb Family Daycare, 4503 Walnut Avenue) City of Lakewood Child Care Fence